Welcome to our Dia-Foot Blog

Welcome to our Dia-Foot Blog

Tips for Dispensing Diabetic Shoes the Easy Way!

Every diabetic patient who has at least one of the six qualifying foot conditions per the LCD, is eligible for Diabetic Shoes and Inserts. Up to 80% of a podiatry practice’s patients may qualify! Read on for some helpful tips to keep your Diabetic Shoe Program running smoothly.

Keep diabetic shoe catalogs updated! We update our catalogs in our newsletters and provide QR codes so you can view the latest online version which includes any new styles added. You can call also call Dia-Foot at (877)405-3668 prompt 2 for a list of current updates. Crossing off discontinued shoes in your office catalogs can help speed up your orders.

During your patient’s foot exam, measure accurately with a Brannock device and document the required elements - the qualifying foot condition, what you are ordering, the foot measurements and if ordering custom inserts, add casting details and justification.

Patient communication is important! Make sure patients provide you with the CORRECT Certifying Physician name, which can be a PCP or an Endocrinologist. Have your patients choose at least two or more shoes to prevent backorders due to Covid-19. Tell your patients you will call them when their shoes arrive and instruct them to wait at least six weeks before calling you for status.

Use short simple wording in your fax covers when requesting signatures and notes from Certifying Physicians. Get all THREE signed documents you are required to get. This has become easier due to recent LDC changes that allow NP and PA’s to perform those face-to-face diabetic exams.

Check your shoe and insert orders for accuracy as soon as you receive them and schedule your patient before the dispense-by date.

The day you dispense is your Date of Service. Have your patient sign the Proof of Delivery and complete your in-office dispensing exam with required elements - what you dispensed, your objective opinion on the fit while the patient was wearing their shoes, how the patient found the fit and, if dispensing pre-fabs inserts, the heat method used.

Utilizing the above tips can help your practice dispense diabetic shoes more efficiently!

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