Our Pure Stride Brand

Orthotics, Therapeutic, Sandals and more for Healthcare Professionals!

Our Pure Stride Brand orthotics provide both function and comfort to patients. Layers of antibacterial cover, memory foam, soft EVA, polypropylene shell, and high durometer EVA help to provide pain relief especially in arches, heels and metatarsals while cushioning the foot. Pure Strides RX orthotics are exclusively manufactured and distributed by Dia-Foot to medical professionals and are not sold to the general public. We manufacture the following orthotics:

  • Pure Stride RX PU Full Length Orthotics (with Polyurethane)
  • Pure Stride RX MF Full Length Orthotics (with Memory Foam)
  • Pure Stride original red Full Length Orthotics
  • Pure Stride 3/4 Length Orthotics
  • Pure Stride Mens Dress Orthotics
  • Pure Stride Women's Dress Orthotics
  • Pure Stride Kid Orthotics
  • Pure Stride Comfort Insoles

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Our Pure Stride Therapeutic Flip Flops and Slides feature a patented foot bed with a built-in arch support and heel cup to relieve pain in the heel, arch and metatarsals. They are constructed with EVA materials which allow these comfy sandals to naturally heat mold to a patient’s foot providing maximum support and comfort. An excellent recovery sandal! Our Pure Stride Therapeutic Flip Flops come in black, grey, navy and white and Therapeutic Slides in black or blue.  Available in sizes from Woman's size 6 up to a Men's size 14.

Our Pure Stride Gel Foot Pads provide specific relief and cushioning for heel spurs, bunions, tailors, calluses, corns, ingrown toenails, hammertoes, mallet toes and general irritation between toes. They are washable and reusable.