Dia-Foot offers the largest selection of diabetic shoe brands and styles in the industry, a one-stop shopping convenience. We carry over 450 styles of diabetic shoes to ensure diabetic patients not only like their diabetic shoes but want to wear them every day!

We provide colorful, full-size print catalogs as well as touchless catalogs that can be viewed instantly on smart devices, making it easy and convenient for providers and patients to select the perfect shoes for their needs.

Our name brands include New Balance, Dr. Comfort, Hush Puppy, Propet, SAS, Brooks, Drew, Apis, Dunham, Wolverine, Rockport, Aravon, Orthofeet, Nature Stride, Mt. Emey, Gravity Defyer, and I-Runner.

Our Diabetic Shoes

  • Come in full and half sizes with multiple widths to accommodate even the most severe deformities.
  • Are designed to help prevent ulcer and callus formation and accommodate conditions such as foot deformities, swelling, poor circulation and neuropathy.
  • Come with manufacturer inserts/fillers inside the shoes that when removed, the shoes can accommodate prefabricated or custom molded diabetic inserts.
  • Are manufactured from leather or other suitable, high quality materials with non-binding uppers, deep toe boxes, soft interiors, and stabilizers for motion control. They are often lightweight, stretchable and provide extra cushioning and support.

Our Diabetic Inserts

  • Dia-Foot prefabricated diabetic inserts (multi-density inserts) are PDAC approved for HCPCS code A5512. The base layer of these inserts is high durometer EVA designed for shock absorption and durability. The top layer is softer EVA for cushioned support.
  • Dia-Foot prefabricated inserts can be ordered by size upon measuring a patient’s feet and require no foam box or scanning technology.

Our Custom Molded Diabetic Inserts

  • Dia-Foot custom molded diabetic inserts are PDAC approved for A5514 and A5513.
    (A5513 inserts are manufactured at the discretion of our lab staff when required for certain conditions).
  • EVA layers with more protection and cushioning are included in these custom inserts which have a higher durometer and a soft EVA cover for cushioned support. They are manufactured by our highly trained lab staff using our state-of-the-art software and CNC router for accuracy. Inserts are hand trimmed and personally inspected for patient specific accuracy prior to release. Custom inserts can be ordered by either scanning patient’s feet or creating a foam box impression. They are designed for diabetics who require additional offloading or total plantar contact.

Our Lab

Dia-Foot's lab manufactures top-quality custom diabetic inserts. All of Dia-Foot's custom diabetic inserts are PDAC approved. We provide:

  • Custom diabetic inserts, over a positive model (A5513).
  • Custom diabetic inserts, direct milled (A5514).
  • Custom toe fillers (L5000).
  • Functional foot orthotics (L3020).

We accept both scans via email and traditional foam boxes for custom diabetic inserts. Our technology partner’s Structure Sensor scanner enables us to receive and capture precise 3D images of each patient’s unique foot dimensions. Each patient’s custom diabetic inserts are carefully manufactured according to patient variables. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure patient satisfaction and results. Completed diabetic inserts are inspected for accuracy and accommodations and are shipped out directly from our Dia-Foot lab.

We are an ABC Board Certified lab and follow Medicare Supplier Standards and Guidelines.